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The missing link, aka the "Tweenway Spur"

We have identified an RGE gas pipeline that runs from a hill on the West Side of RIT’s campus (just South of the Red Barn) across East River Rd, across the river, across Scottsville Rd, and through cleared woods to the GVGreenway Trail.

This path has just the trajectory we might want in developing the RIT Tweenway, and the trees are already cleared.  (The path is not surfaced.)

View tweenway Spur in a larger map

Here are some panoramas
The view from the hill to the West:

The view from Scottsville Rd East to RIT:

The view at the GVGreenway-Pipeline intersection (380 degrees) :

Let’s call the path that might be made from the pipeline the “Tweenway Spur” (assuming the cross-RIT bike trail is to be called the RIT Tweenway.)

The ideal  long-range vision is for a cycle/pedestrian bridge from the hill on the RIT campus to the Tweenway Spur, without their having to touch down on the East River Rd, Scottsville Rd, or the River.

However, even without the Tweenway Bridge, this spur would provide a more intuitive, scenic and safer alternative route to the Ballantyne Bridge (and thence to  RIT or Jefferson Road and the Lehigh Valley North Trail).

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An on-campus Greenway for RIT

RIT is already leading a potential bicycle renaissance in Rochester, with significant environmental and economic impacts on the city and the region.

By building an on-campus Greenway–a year round walkway/bikeway across campus– RIT could improve its campus, improve student life, promote innovation, promote sustainability, and integrate RIT’s industrial-sustainability types with our ecological-sustainability types.

The overall vision is grand.  The first step could be simple.  Prototype a covered, bikeable/walkable path over, or parallel to, the QuarterMile.   (RIT students are already spec’ing out structural and paving options, including heatable floors for ice control).

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RIT as interchange for Genesee Valley Greenway, Lehigh Valley North Trail, and, of course, RochesterGreenway

RIT should build a bike bridge across the river and be a bike bridge joining the Genesee Valley Greenway and the Lehigh Valley North Trail.

As previously noted, Mitch Rosen and I have come to realize that RIT could connect the Genessee Valley Greenway (just south of Jefferson Rd) and the Lehigh Valley North Trail (LVNT) up to UR and the City.
This might be a strategic linkage.
  • with regard to RIT, see this post (an on campus Greenway would connect RIT’s two new extremities Global Village and Park Point)
  • with regard to the RochesterGreenway (=Lehigh Valley North Trail here) , this would join it to the GVGreenway.
  • with regard to the potential NYPA Greenways (the 230 mile superset to Williamsport), this would be a big advance
  • with regard to the Genessee Valley Greenway, our impression is that it peters out just to the north of this point.  This would ncrease the Genessee Valley Greenway’s utility and value.
Some googling lead me to believe there is a connecting trail.
So this afternoon, I went cross country skiing to look for the connecting trail.  
At around the right place (A), I did find an embankment going West-East across the trail.
There was a stone bridge over the creek on the West side of the trail, but fallen trees  (under the snow, at least) no obvious trail to the East.
When I circled back and drove back to Scottsville Rd just south of Greyson Rd, I found what might be the West end of that same cross-trail:
a break in a wooden fence, a marked telephone pole “RGE 111, 228” and a sign pointing to Clearview Farms apartment.  (B)
And when I hiked West from the Road, there was a clear view to (what I believe was) the GV Trail.
RIT should build a bike bridge across the river and be a bike bridge joining the Genesee Valley Greenway and the Lehigh Valley North Trail.
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RIT could unify the Genesee Valley Greenway and the Rochester Greenway

Mitch Rosen points out that the Genessee Valley Greenway peters out just west of RIT’s Red Barn and suggested that a bike bridge  (built by our own Civil Engineering students?) across the River would allow one to bike all the way from Cuba NY to the City without travelling a major road.

We went for a brief drive and it looked great, as does some further scrutiny via Google Earth!

The missing link
The big picture