The Rochester Cycling Alliance (RCA) was formed in 2008 by Richard DeSarra and Jon Schull to unite local bicycle advocates. Our motto from the beginning has been “think cycling as transportation.” In 2019, the RCA joined forces with Reconnect Rochester to make official what had always been unofficial: that the RCA is the cycling arm of Reconnect Rochester’s active mobility work.

The RCA inspires residents to navigate our surroundings on two wheels and advocates for better bike infrastructure to make the Rochester region more comfortable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. With city residents having an average 4.1-mile commute and having scenic bike paths that people come from all over the world to traverse by bike, we believe Rochester is naturally advantaged to be a great biking city.

The RCA convenes a general cycling meeting each month, in which cyclists come to be informed of happenings, our work groups report on their progress, and we hear from guest speakers. If you want to check the RCA out, we recommend attending the general meeting. To get a monthly update on advocacy opportunities, road/trail projects, and general bike happenings, join our mailing list by emailing

Ask any passionate biker what happiness means and they’ll probably say, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that is close enough.”

If you’re interested in using a bike to get around Rochester, see our collection of local cycling tools & resources.