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Use our Contact form and ask us how you can participate. We are always looking for people with backgrounds in transportation, community planning, and with general non-profit experience. You don’t have to be a transit geek. In addition to our advocacy efforts, we also run all sorts of events and programs you can help with such as Rochester Street Films and Complete Streets Makeover.

Attend an Upcoming Meeting or Event

View our Calendar to see all upcoming public and group meetings. If there’s a meeting you cannot attend but you have a transportation-related issue you’d like us to raise, please contact us.

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Make a tax-deductible contribution and help support the work of our volunteers. All funds are used by Reconnect Rochester so we can continue to move Rochester toward our vision of a community connected by a robust transportation network that makes it easy for everyone—regardless of physical or economic ability—to get around.

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Not ready to roll up your sleeves just yet? That’s okay. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our e-newsletter. When you see something you think you’d like to help with, give us a shout.

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If the only purpose of a road is to get from one place to another, the stuff that goes on in and around that road becomes not just unnecessary but dangerous.

–Sam Schwartz, Sam Schwartz Engineering