The Rochester area is famous for its 20-minute commute. For driving that is. Reconnect Rochester is excited to ask a different question in this blog series: Where can you get within 20 minutes on a bike?

Over the course of this ongoing campaign, we are unveiling custom “bike shed maps” that visualize how far you can get on a bike in various parts of our region at a casual but steady pace of 10 miles per hour. Each map is accompanied by a blog by someone in that community who bikes for regular trips and errands. They give advice for navigating this vicinity by bike. We hope this resource is helpful and that you’ll view the bike as one of your trip options.

For an overview and background of 20 Minutes by Bike, check out:

And you can view our official map & blog campaign here:

Do you bike on a somewhat regular basis for errands or work? Are you in an area we haven’t explored yet? Email if you’re interested in contributing!