Reconnect Rochester offers bike education designed to attract more people in our community to discover the health and financial benefits of using a bike to get around.

We deliver bike education in a wide variety of settings including workplaces, college campuses, health care facilities, public libraries, schools, and community groups. Businesses often present bike education as a “lunch n’ learn” opportunity for their employees, but we’re up for anything!

During the time of COVID-19 and beyond, we can offer bike education in a virtual/online setting as well!


Getting Back On Your Bike: A fun, 45-minute presentation designed to inspire people with the benefits of biking, explore the viability of biking as transportation, and build confidence with some basic traffic safety information. This is our most popular program and the best fit for most audiences.

Bike Education for School Kids: The “Being Safe on Your Freedom Machine” presentation is geared toward 5th/6th graders and covers safe biking principles in a fun, engaging way. School districts in New York State are required to teach bike safety, and similar to how firefighters come into classrooms to discuss fire safety, we can help deliver this vital education on safe walking and biking.

Bike Commuting 101: A presentation geared towards employees interested in biking to work that covers what equipment is needed, along with proper roadway position to get to work comfortably and safely.

Winter Cycling:  A presentation that readies participants to extend the riding season by learning advanced bike handling skills, and the type of bike and equipment needed to ride comfortably and safely in winter.

Bicycle Friendly Driver Training:  This training for employee drivers heightens their awareness and reduces the risk of crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Perfect for continuing education requirements.

On-Bike Smart Cycling Classes:  These in-depth classes are based on the League of American Bicyclists’ curriculum and can be done in 2.5-, 6-, or 9-hour sessions that include classroom learning, parking lot maneuvering drills, and a group ride. Click here to view upcoming classes!

Learn to Ride Lessons: If you or your child never learned to balance and ride a bike, Reconnect Rochester can help! We are proud to offer free lessons throughout the riding season outside our office at The Hungerford. We have a variety of bikes available courtesy of R Community Bikes along with helmets. A certified bike instructor will be on site to help you learn at your own pace.

Guided Bicycle Rides: Join Reconnect Rochester and Exercise Express to get acquainted with Rochester’s blossoming bike network on these fun and free community rides, Wednesdays 5/25-9/7. More information here.

Want us to develop something more customized for your needs? Contact us at and let’s talk.


We have different fee rates for for-profit businesses and non-profit community organizations.

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to share our fee structure.


Jesse Peers, Cycling Coordinator at Reconnect Rochester, is a League Certified Instructor (LCI) through the League of American Bicyclists. Jesse is a passionate bike educator with deep involvement in the local advocacy efforts, and a focus on biking-as-transportation (although biking-as-recreation is great, too!). Learn more about his journey from car driver to bike educator in this blog post.


Jesse Peers, LCI 5613


“Jesse Peers is a top-notch instructor! He walked me through the basics of riding a bicycle and helped build my confidence in a safe and supportive environment. His bike safety course has helped me be a responsible rider on city streets and has helped me keep a level head during some tense moments. I would absolutely recommend Jesse’s lessons both for new riders and for anyone looking to brush up their skills.”

Ron Martin-Dent

“Remember those old Calvin and Hobbes strips? Where Calvin’s bike lies in wait to attack him? That’s how my partner felt about bikes. Jesse got him on wheels and proudly pedaling around the parking lot in just a couple hours, with kindness, tact, and informational pamphlets.”

Steve Shon