The Great Rochester Snow Down

If not cleared, even the slightest amount of snow can make our sidewalks and bus stops inaccessible for weeks at a time. Help us keep our city moving by taking part in The Great Rochester Snow Down!

 2017 SnowDown stats:

60 unique volunteers. 90 including repeats. 300 volunteer hours

6 major corridors in all 4 city quadrants (Monroe/N.Clinton/Dewey/Genesee/Joseph/Lake)

12 miles of sidewalk cleared

100+ bus stops, bike racks, curb cuts, and fire hydrants cleared

Check out our coverage by the D and C.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers, sponsors, and supporters!

We are currently seeking volunteers and sponsors for Rochester Snow Down 2018. Contact us to find out how to get your business or group involved in this important community effort.

 Why is this important?

A great deal of time and money is spent clearing roads so that people in cars can get around. Let’s make sure that our friends and neighbors on foot, bicycle, bus, wheelchair, walker, stroller, etc. can get around safely.

What’s in it for me?

Raffle Prizes will be awarded shortly. Winners will be contacted by email or phone. Stay tuned!

What else can people do to help?

Per Rochester’s sidewalk ordinance, property owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of their property. The city provides only supplemental service when 4 inches of new snow has accumulated.

Put simply: in the morning when you’re digging out your car, take the extra couple minutes to make sure your neighbors can walk by and admire your decorations. Encourage your favorite businesses to keep nearby sidewalks, bus stops, and bike racks clear so every patron has access.

Start something…

If you can’t make our Saturday events, we encourage you to organize your own mini Snow Down! Just snap a photo of you and your friends shoveling any public sidewalk, bus stop, or bike rack and post it to social media using #RocSnowDown to be entered in the drawing.


The Great Rochester Snow Down is made possible by your donations and the following sponsors and partners.

Brue Coffee
El Pilon Criollo
Marshall Street Bar & Grill
Center for Disability Rights

Thanks to everyone who participated in Rochester Snow Down 2016!

“Captain” Dan Speciale
Irene Allen
Brue Coffee
Bill Collins
El Pilon Criollo
John DeRycke
DeWain Feller
Flower City Americorps
Mike Governale
Joseph Avenue Business Association
John Lam
Lincoln Library
Ravi Mangla
Jim Mayer
Brenda Massie
Jason Partyka
Nicholas Russo
Renee Stetzer & Family
Rohan Parikh
Sara Jenks
John Thomas
Southeast Neighborhood Service Center
RIT Service Frat
Salvatore’s Pizza