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DenDekker Withdraws Statewide Bike Licensing Bill 022811dendekker.jpg
March 3, 2011
Today, NYS bicyclists showed their rising political clout, and NYBC and its members were right there in the fight! Only a few days ago, New York State’s bicyclists first heard about a proposal to require that every bicycle in the State have a license.  This bill had many problems; in a time of severe fiscal constraint it would have added a costly layer of bureaucracy.  Also, contrary to its stated intent, the required licenses would have done nothing to stop bicycle theft.  Improving safety for bicyclists, motorists and other road users is more effectively achieved through education and investments in balanced infrastructure.
Today, the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Mike DenDekker, withdrew bill #A05429.  His statement about that mithdrawal can be found here:
NYBC staff and members made their objections to this bill loud and clear in emails and phone calls to DenDekker’s office.   Brian Kehoe, NYBC Program Manager, provided statements to a variety of media outlets describing how this bill would have discouraged people from bicycling and produced no benefits.   NYBC’s statement in opposition to the bill can be found at:
Congratulations NYS bicyclists!

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