Robert Howland & Eleanor
Today we begin a series of posts featuring cyclists around Rochester, highlighting common interests and needs as well as the great diversity of ways cycling is a part of our community.
What are you riding?
It’s a Trek Soho-S single speed from R-Community bikes.
What’s a typical ride like for you?
I bike with my dog Eleanor Roosevelt, for exercise. We usually go about 5 miles around Goodman, Park Ave, and South Ave. I really like the High Falls area.
Why do you cycle?
Well, I started because my roommate rode all the time. He took me to R-Community bikes, and then I got my bike and started commuting to work. So it’s for exercise, for me, for my dog, for commuting. I like it. And she’s real good at it.
Anything we should know about the state of bike lanes, roads, or trails?
Yeah, I had an accident. I was right there waiting to turn left on Caroline and South Ave. I had blinking LEDs and everything, but the car just hit me, no brakes. I fell right back and hit my head. The windshield of the car was smashed, and the hood. But no broken bones, just road rash. And Eleanor was shook up but OK. No matter how safe you are or how many precautions you take there are still idiots on the road.
How do you envision the future of cycling in Rochester?
I love bicycling and I love Rochester. I see it getting a lot bigger. I just see it growing. Everyone enjoys it. Once you start doing it you realize it’s a valid form of transportation, and cheap, and fun. I like the river trail, along the Erie Canal, and the lanes going through the city. But I always wish there were more, and I don’t always feel safe in them. I’d feel a lot safer if there were concrete barriers for bike lanes.