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I’ve created a conceptual map of the Rochester Bicycle Ecology in order to explore the idea that we need a Rochester Bicycle Alliance.
(You can view the map as a full-sized PDF file for full screen viewing by clicking here)

The map is loaded with hyperlinks and background on local organizations and initiatives, thus if you mouse around, you’ll read things like…

Rochester could be home to a number of potentially transformative bike-related initiatives. Even a few of them, implemented and marketed strategically, could turn the region into a world capital of cycling. Individually they are long-shots.

The Rochester Cyclng Alliance could help unify a healthy but non-organizd community and create a constituency for innovative land use, energy independence, transportation policy, healthy living, and urban renewal.

The RCA’s first venture could be to bring the Bicycle Film Festival to town (and use it to build a constituency for other initiatives on this map).

I think I’m convinced. How about you?

Add comments or more information, and I’ll update the map!

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