We don’t often send mail to all of our friends and followers (in fact, never before).  But in honor of the new year and several exciting announcements, we thought we’d provide this factsheet and the attached photo(s), explained below.
Our Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/rochestercyclingalliance.  it’s the usual Facebook “moshpit”, and a good way to communicate with the community
You can subscribe to our email list by writing to info@rochestercyclingalliance.org This is how our active activists communicate with each other.
Our website is at http://www.rochestercyclingalliance.org.  It includes

  • lots of announcements (including this one)
  • a list of our some of our signal achievements for 2012.  http://goo.gl/Zafd9
  • a paypal link (in case you want to support our activities)
  • a calendar of RCA meetings and events

Among our signal achievements in 2012  was a “bike corral” at the Rochester Greentopia festival which benefitted  hundreds of cyclists who got to park their bikes and learn about the RCA

  • We have another bike corral planned for the Fairport Canal Days festival http://finditinfairport.com/fairport-canal-days.html , and we are seeking volunteers (2 hours to help check bikes in and out).  Email RCA VP Bill Collins,  alameda@frontiernet.net
  • The attached photo(s) are from the Greentopia Bike Corral.  If you participated, you may find a picture of yourself!

Among our signal achievements in 2013, will be the Second Bi-Annual Greater Rochester Active Transportation Summit (GRATS)  on April 30.  Mark your calendars!  The first GRATS was a watershed event, and most of the presentations (but none of the hallway conversation) can be found at at http://www.rochestercyclingalliance.org/?page_id=129.   This year, you, too can help shape the future of Active Transportation in Rochester, and meet  our keynote speaker,  (…get ready…)  US. Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon.  Please keep April 30 free, and share this message with other interested parties.
Finally, please add your voice to the City’s Master Plan Survey!  It will make our job so much easier, and will make your city so much better!  http://www.cityofrochester.gov/centercitysurvey/
Best wishes from the Rochester Cycling Alliance!