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Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 – Seattle, Washington

#2. Federal Funding for Nonmotorized Transportation and Recreation and the National Trails Training Partnership (Cascade II)
1) RTP Trails Nov 2008:
2) RTP and TE Summary: includes both briefs listed below.
Recreational Trails Program Brief:
Transportation Enhancement Activities Brief:
3) New Approach for Transportation
USDOT Reform Proposal:
Christopher Douwes

The (National) Recreational Trails Program–NRTP
Greg Lovelady (155Kb PowerPoint Presentation)

#6. Adapting the Bike Sharing Concept to North America (St. Helens)
A Public Bicycle System in Metro Vancouver?
Eileen Kadesh and Andrew Curran (605Kb PDF Format)
Bike Sharing in North America
Eileen Kadesh and Andrew Curran (968Kb PDF Format)
SmartBike DC and How it Happened (for Free)
George Branyan (444Kb PowerPoint Presentation)

#16. Maps and Community Engaged Mapping (Cascade IA)
The Neighborhoods on Foot Map Series
Seth Schromen-Wawrin (13.6MB PowerPoint Presentation)

#66. Designing Facilities for Bicyclists (Cascade II)
Thinking (and Building) Outside the MUTCD/AASHTO Box
Joshua Benson (3Mb PDF Format)

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