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Here’s what we know.

On October 24th, RIT is going to host the 350 Climate Action Festival, a series of events related to “the most important number on earth: 350 (parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere).
One of the events will be a mass bike ride along the path of the future RochesterGreenway with bikers converging from downtown, U of R, MCC, and other places else, to arrive at the Sentinel at noon.
Another event will be a Rochester Bike Summit, in the Center for Student Innovation, at 2:00pm. The goal:
  • to discuss a number of emerging and potential regional initiatives that could make Rochester New York a world center of Biking and Transportation innovation,
    • the Rochester Greenway (of course)
    • the prospect that we might develop a fleet of ultralight electric vehicles to ride (along with bikes) on the Greenway
    • the proposed annual 6-day Tour de New York
    • the City’s development of a Master Bicycling Plan
    • plans for proposed and under-construction bike paths
    • the possibility that the world’s leading museum of bicycle history might be brought to Rochester (or, alternatively, be lost to Western New York)
    • the development of an online interactive bicycle map
    • bringing the Bicycle Film Festival to Rochester

  • to identify and discuss shared interests and opportunities that overlap these various initiatives and their supporters
    • making biking safer
    • interconnecting the region’s extraordinary network of biking trails
    • making Rochester a world capital of biking and sustainable transportation innovation
How you can help. Email Jon.Schull @
  • Let us know if you are willing to help plan and organize.
  • Let us know if you are planning to ride.
  • Get others to do the same

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