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Any Brighton residents who want bike facilities on Monroe Avenue, Brighton is holding a “charette” (a community-led design process) to specify what the community wants to see for future Monroe Avenue road projects. This is an opportunity to get bike improvements into the charette design:

Brighton councilwoman Sheila Gaddis is overseeing the Monroe Avenue Streetscape Design Charrette, a $33,000 project that was part of the town’s 2009-10 budget. It will define a vision for changes along the corridor between Highland Avenue and Clover Street to make it more attractive for use by shoppers, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders.
“If I can have my dream, Monroe Avenue would be one flowing, vibrant corridor of stores, restaurants, parks and bike paths from Rochester to Brighton and right on through to Pittsford. We are pretty close to this dream, but the goal this time is to build on our past successes and fill in the blank spots,” said Gaddis.

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