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I have been talking with bike advocates in Madison and Minneapolis and getting some interesting ideas from them. One idea is to have the mayor ride the bike in the race. The mayor of Minneapolis who is a bicyclist and an strong bike supporter has won the commuter race against the car and bus every year he has done it.

I think we should invite the mayor to do the race on a bike. We should do some dry runs prior to the race to make sure the route is safe, passable ect. and then get him involved. There would be no better way to get him into what we’re doing than by asking him to jump in. I’d be glad to approach him with the idea. I think we’re ready for a meeting with him anyways. If we want to do it, we need to do it soon to get on his calender. I’ve also got lots of ideas on how to deal with the snow and northern climate issue from the midwestern city folks west of us.


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