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Bike Week is upon us, and is here to tell you all about it.
As of this writing, here’s the event schedule.  But check there for updates!

For more information on Rochester’s Bike Week, feel free to contact one of Bike Week’s coordinators listed in the sidebar.
We are happy to help with any and all bike week questions whether they be event information, promotion, volunteers, or just helping you get out on your bike this year! 

Monday, May 14th

  • Active Transportation Expo at the University of Rochester (11am-2:30pm)
    In celebration of National Bike Week, the University will host an “Active Transportation Expo” from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday, May 14, in URMC’s Flaum Atrium. If you’ve ever considered walking, running or biking to work, you won’t want to miss the chance to mingle with like-minded employees at this informational fair featuring area organizations and retail stores that provide gear and services for the active transportation lifestyle.  Vendor participants include Cyclopedia Rochester, UR Security, Fleet Feet, Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods, RGRTA, Rochester Cycling Alliance, Georgen Athletic Center, Well-U, UR Sustainability and City Cycles.
    Location: URMC’s Flaum Atrium
  • Landmark Ride (2pm – 4pm)
    • Description: Relaxed Tour of Rochester’s many landmark buildings by bike.
    • Location:  GVP, near the gazebo. (North-East section of the park, South of U of R.)
    • Contact: Ben Schmidt
  • Espresso Express (6:30pm – 9:30pm)
    • Description: A mellow jaunt from caffeine joint to caffeine joint touring Rochester along the way.
    • Location: Acanthus (337 East Ave.)
    • Contact: Chris – 585 319 5999

Tuesday, May 15th

  • Flour City Flower Ride (10am – 2pm)
    • Description: Help to plant a community garden as we ride around the city collecting what we need to make it happen. Bring a musical instrument, if you have one.
    • Location: Highland Park Reservoir
    • Contact: Ben Schmidt
  • Bike Commuter Workshop
    • Description: Learn how to be a better bike commuter, or just what you need to get started.
    • Location: Towners Bike Shop (1048 University Avenue)
    • Contact: Bill Collins –

Wednesday, May 16th

  • Dogtown (7pm – 9:30pm)
    • Description: Join us on our weekly Wednesday night ride around the city. Bicycle check over before ride starting at 5:00.
    • Location: Dogtown with overflow at Blessed Sacrament
    • Contact: Ben Schmidt or John Kennedy
    • Description: A service for fallen cyclists followed by a silent procession of cyclists.
    • Location: Penfield Highway Department parking lot on Jackson Rd
    • Contact:

Thursday, May 17th

  • Civil Rights History Ride (4pm – 6:30pm)
    • Description: A youth oriented tour of the history of Rochester’s role in advancing racial and gender equality throughout the city’s southwest.
    • Location: The Boys and Girls Club (500 Genesee St.)
    • Contact: John Kennedy

Friday, May 18th

  • Youth Ride (9:30am)
    • Description: Easy, slow-paced family-ride of cyclists of all ages. Grandparents, moms, dads, kids, bike trailers, etc. welcomed. Bring your helmets, and we’ll ride for about 30 minutes, going South on the Canal Path.
    • Location: Meet at the Sam Patch docking area at Schoen Place (on the Erie Canal path, just outside Naples Creek Shoe Store),We’ll ride for about 30 minutes, going South on the Canal Path.
    • Contact: Elinor Freer –


  • Light up the Night (Sundown)
    • Description: Time to be seen. Put as many lights on your bicycle as you can and hit the streets. And what’s lights without a little bit of music to go with it. Is Rochester ready for a dance party on wheels? (best for those comfortable riding at night, and lovers of bright lights)
    • Time: The party starts at Sundown (look it up!)
    • Location: Top of Cobb’s Hill
    • Contact: Ben Schmidt

Saturday, May 19th

  • Eastside Hop to Palmyra (9:00am)
    • Description: 23 miles flat on the stone-dust Erie Canal Trail to Palmyra, rest stop in Palmyra.
    • Location: Perinton Park, Fairport Road Route 31F, at the Erie Canal
    • Contact:


  • Rochester Police Department Bike Rodeo (10am – 3pm)
    • Description: A Bike Rodeo hosted by the RPD to help kids practice their cycling skills, learn the rules of the road, and become better, smarter, and safer cyclists.
    • Location: War Memorial parking lot

  • GROC Mountain Bike Guided Tour (10am)
    • Description: Got a mountain bike that’s never seen a trail before? Like riding a bit off road, but nervous about venturing out? Let the Genesee Regional Off-road Cyclists help you through the learning process and get exposed to a great new way to get outside.
    • Location: Meets at Dryer Road Park
    • Contact: RSVP to Mark Rosenzweig –
  • Genesee Valley Greenway Tour (1-3pm)
    • Description: This 15 mile ride experiences a tunnel of green as it traverses south to a historic stone lock and double-arched culvert.
    • Location: starts and ends at the front door of the ice rink/swimming pool (149 Elmwood Ave.) in Genesee Valley Park
    • Contact: David Shaw –
  • Art Gallery Ride/Bike Week Bike Art Party (7 pm)
    • Description: Exploratory jaunt to various galleries and community spaces showcasing local artists work.
    • Location: Memorial Art Gallery Parking lot
    • Contact: Ben Schmidt

Sunday, May 20th

  • Hell bent for Breakfast (6:30am)
    • Description: 19 miles flat on the Erie Canal and paved roads to Fairport for breakfast
    • Location: South Clinton Avenue Erie Canal Parking Trailhead
    • Contact:


  • Seersucker Social (10 am)
    • Description: A chance to show off your cool digs and fancy pants. Bring your best seersucker suit, hat, vest, or pants and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing Sunday ride.  Best for well dressed ladies and gents.
    • Location: Lake Riley @ Cobb’s Hill
    • Contact:
  • Record Store Ride (6 pm)
    • Description: Music is the heartbeat of the city and the record stores set the rhythm.  This ride shows our appreciation for the work that they do to get those groovy vibes under our helmets.
    • Location: Needle Drop Records (South and Gregory)
    • Contact: Lucas Hadley – (678) 360-2151 –

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