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U.S. Bicycle Route System – FAQs – Adventure Cycling Association: “USBRS – Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the U.S. Bicycle Route System?
2. What are the advantages of having a U.S. Bicycle Route?
3. Is there demand?
4. Who is funding this initiative?
5. Are there any existing routes?
6. How are routes decided upon?
7. Who oversees/maintains the U.S. Bicycle Route System?
8. What does designation mean?
9. What stipulations are there for developing U.S. Bicycle Routes?
10. What if the best route or an important connection is not on a road managed by the State Department of Transportation?
11. What is AASHTO?
12. What is the Adventure Cycling Association?

1. What is the U.S. Bicy”

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