See how this bit of creative street design revitalized the village of Poynton in the U.K.
The village of Poynton external link in the U.K. was a community in decline, divided by decades of anti-social traffic engineering. Where the intersection of two busy highways once dominated the town center, a bit of creative street design has revitalized local businesses, made life a little easier for the townspeople, and pleasantly surprised motorists and skeptics as well. The concept has been dubbed “shared space” and we want to know if it could work here in Rochester, NY. Watch this video, and give us your thoughts…

Some roundabouts external linkand other traffic calming external link techniques have already been implemented in our region. But could something like this “shared space” work in Rochester, NY? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Thanks to: Howard Decker for the find.


  1. I can think of several areas along Monroe that something like this would be nice. Twelve corners (pipe dream), Monroe/Dartmouth/Canterbury, maybe Monroe/Goodman.

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