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Do Red Light Cameras Make Rochester Streets Safer? [PHOTO: Yousuf Fahimuddin]
Posted by: Renee Stetzer, pedestrian safety advocate and blogger at RocVille.com

Last week, the City Council approved further study of Rochester’s red light camera program. This isn’t a brand new study, but an expansion of the study that was released in November. The results of that study indicated a reduction in the number of accidents at 22 intersections external link that have red light cameras. Two intersections had no changes in the collision rates before and after the cameras were installed. And 8 intersections had an increase in the number of collisions. Those 8 intersections are the subject of the expanded study, as well as whether the cameras could be tied into traffic signals to help reduce operation costs…

The expanded study will cost the city $30,000 and be conducted by the same firm that conducted the study released this past November. The funds will be allocated from the 2014-15 police department budget external link .

After the results of the latest study external link were released, the City Council voted 6 to 3 to continue the red light camera program until 2019. Like red light programs all over the country, the Rochester program is not without controversy. Many are opposed because they feel it unfairly targets citizens in poorer neighborhoods of the city. Others believe it is simply a revenue generator for the city, while unfairly ticketing drivers. When the City Council approved the extension of the program in November, it added an amendment to address another common concern — tickets issued for authorized right turns on red. Still others had concerns with the study itself.

The city hopes the expanded study will help provide more thorough data on those 8 intersections where violations increased, and on the overall safety impact the presence of red light cameras have for all who traverse the 32 intersections currently in the program.

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Do Red Light Cameras Make Rochester Streets Safer? external link

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