Peter J. Park, Director of Planning, Denver

On January 31, Rochester Regional Community Design Center will present 'Transformation: Don't be Afraid of It,' a talk by Peter Park, planning director for Denver.On Tuesday, January 31, the Rochester Regional Community Design Center external link will present “Transformation: Don’t be Afraid of It,” a talk by Peter Park, planning director for Denver. Peter Park will take us through a genesis of the transformative process in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the 1990’s where he was a key player in planning and implementing the creation of the River Walk, a downtown revitalization project , for more than a decade.

Mr. Park will discuss the specifics of his projects and the nature of their catalytic effect, addressing the challenges faced including community “buy in”, bureaucratic hurdles and the changing of a city’s culture required to transform the physical environment for everyone’s benefit.

7pm, Tuesday, 1/31/2012, at Gleason Works external link
Buy tickets here ($10) external link

Greentopia presents: Urbanized

On February 2, Greentopia Film will present a screening 'Urbanized' with panel discussion afterwards. 'Urbanized' is a new feature-length documentary about the design of cities.On Thursday, February 2, Greentopia Film will host a screening of Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized at the Little Theatre for a one-night-only event.

Who is allowed to shape our cities, and how do they do it? Unlike many other fields of design, cities aren’t created by any one specialist or expert. There are many contributors to urban change, including ordinary citizens who can have a great impact improving the cities in which they live. By exploring a diverse range of urban design projects around the world, Urbanized frames a global discussion on the future of cities. Urbanized is the third part of Gary Hustwit’s design film trilogy, joining Helvetica and Objectified.

Immediately following the movie, a panel discussion will take place with Rich Perrin (Genesee Transportation Council external link), Joni Monroe (RRCDC external link), Michael Philipson (GardenAerial external link), Wayne Goodman (Landmark Society external link), and Mike Governale (Reconnect Rochester external link).

7pm, Thursday, 2/1/2012, at The Little Theatre external link
Buy tickets here ($10-$12) external link


  1. Wow…went to the next day breakfast talk by Peter Park and I was blown away by his comments.

    I believe we are on the cusp of a burgeoning movement here in Rochester to create a more sustainable and vibrant city. Through the efforts of so many (Rochester Subway, ReConnect Rochester, RRCDC, Landmark, and Greentopia/GardenAerial, and countless other sustainable and greening efforts and organizations) a voice is seems to b now emerging that will rise to our political and economic leaders demanding that they actually LEAD, and support sustainable and transformational change in our city. I am humbled to be part of it and honored to have been a panelist at last night’s showing of URBANIZED…so pleasantly surprised to see the incredible turnout!


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