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Welcoming Cody Donahue!

Please join us in warmly welcoming Cody Donahue, who joined the growing Reconnect Rochester staff this month as the Director of Policy and Advocacy. Cody brings tremendous professional skills and experience and a personal passion for our cause. We feel very lucky to have found someone with “all the right stuff” to round out our dynamic staff team working day-in and day-out to boldly advocate for a transportation system that provides mobility options and resource access for everyone. 

Cody will play an integral role in driving (bad pun) the policy and advocacy action that will advance Reconnect Rochester’s mission. He’ll provide leadership and expertise in transportation public policy and implement innovative strategies to influence decision-making at both the grassroots and grass-tops levels, amplify community voices, and mobilize people to take action on mobility issues in our community. 

Find out how Cody landed here and what inspires him to advocate for mobility in the message below. 

Cody Donahue

Greetings Reconnecters! I am honored to join the Reconnect Rochester staff and especially excited to collaborate with all of Reconnect’s passionate volunteers and community advocates. I have been impressed for years by Reconnect Rochester’s respectful approach to partnering with government, community organizations and the People to achieve safer streets and more equitable multimodal transportation options. So when I saw this role open up, I biked right over to submit my application!

Coming into this new policy and advocacy role, I hope to amplify the diversity of voices calling for a robust transportation network that makes it easy for anyone – regardless of physical or economic ability – to get around Monroe County. You and your networks are absolutely essential to getting change to happen and I can’t wait to hear what you are passionate about!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve held a variety of nonprofit leadership roles from international women’s and children’s rights programs to shared administrative services with New York State Planned Parenthoods. As an almost lifelong vegan, I’ve been active in national animal rights advocacy (happy to share recipes!). My lifestyle is car-lite, living as close as possible to work and amenities and using public transportation or cycling to work. In Rochester, I’ve run-commuted a lot, including in the snow (I have the Strava to prove it!)! My family and I live in the 19th Ward and love visiting Monroe County’s libraries, parks and festivals.

p.s. Even before joining the team, back in June Cody and his family came out for the Complete Streets Makeover of Arnett & Warwick in their 19th Ward neighborhood. Check out his cameo appearance in the project short film!


Welcoming Lindsay Crandall!

We are thrilled to welcome Lindsay Crandall, Fundraising and Development Manager, and newest member of a growing staff team at Reconnect Rochester!

We’re so glad that Lindsay has joined our dynamic staff team that works day-in and day-out to improve mobility in our community. In her role, Lindsay will play an integral role in our efforts by helping to attract the financial and in-kind resources that fuel Reconnect Rochester’s work in the community.  Find out how Lindsay landed here and what inspires her to advocate for mobility in the message below.

Lindsay Crandall

It is an honor for me to join Reconnect Rochester as Fundraising and Development Manager. The energy and enthusiasm of the staff is contagious, and I’m excited to learn more about mobility justice and transit equity while helping support the organization through fundraising. 

When I was a kid, my dad walked across town every day to work at the post office where everyone in the community knew him. Even then, people in our town were highly car-dependent, but my dad’s choice showed me the value of living small in a tight-knit community. Now, my interest in mobility comes primarily from a sustainability perspective, wanting to reduce my environmental footprint and car dependency. Over the years, when it’s been possible, I’ve chosen to walk or bike to work, the library, my kids’ school, and to run errands. Not only does it give me a chance to leave the car at home, but I love the added health benefits and the chance to be outdoors (even in the frigid winter). 

My hope is that the fundraising work I do for Reconnect Rochester provides more opportunities to impact and improve mobility throughout the Rochester area and create a community that’s not just interconnected but thriving.

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Welcoming Jahasia Esgdaille!

Reconnect Rochester is excited to announce the hiring of Jahasia Esgdaille, Community Engagement Manager!

We’re so glad that Jahasia has joined our dynamic and growing staff team that works day-in and day-out to improve mobility in our community. In her role, she will act as Reconnect’s conduit to the community by developing strong relationships with people and organizational partners, and by conducting on-the-ground outreach. Get to know Jahasia and find out what drove (no pun intended) her to this work in the message below.

P.S. You may recognize Jahasia from one of our Car Lite Rochester blogs

Jahasia Esgdaille stands outside the Reconnect Rochester office door, smiling!

Hello friends and fellow advocates! I’m so honored to step into the Community Engagement Manager position at Reconnect Rochester. The mission of Reconnect Rochester very much aligns with my upbringing growing up in New York City as multi-modality was a part of my family’s everyday life, which I discuss more in my car-lite blog here.

My interest in advocating for mobility justice and transit equity initially began as an environmental sustainability steward where I focused heavily on the ways that I could reduce my personal impact on the planet by swapping car trips for walking, biking or taking the bus. This interest, and admittedly newfound passion, quickly grew into a more encompassing lens on how access to multi-modal transportation options affect everything from our environment to economic opportunities, and more.

I look forward to listening, learning, contributing to and advocating for a sustainable and equitable transportation system for all of our community members!