The City will take questions and input about the Center City Circulator Study this Monday, 3/22 from 4-6pm at the Rochester Public Library. Parking is easy at the attached Court Street Garage.The City has partnered with C&S Companies to analyze and make recommendations to enhance commuting, circulation, and parking in Downtown Rochester. Among the potential enhancements under consideration is a circulator transit service—a.k.a shuttle buses or streetcars. Listen carefully Rochester…

The potential rewards and benefits of a circulator are enormous. Giving people the ability to move between points of interest without being tied to an automobile will make our region a more attractive location for businesses, residents, and visitors. According to the Center for Transportation Excellence a $10 million investment in public transportation typically results in a $30 million gain in sales for local businesses and more than 570 jobs are created.

But not all circulators are created equal. Rochester tried shuttle buses once before. Remember the EZ Rider? Why were those blue and yellow shuttle buses so unsuccessful? Did they serve the wrong locations? Were they unattractive? Are Rochesterians just too attached to their cars? We don’t believe so. We believe the problem with EZ Rider was that it was only a half-hearted attempt to implement the kind of system this town really needs.

This Monday, 3/22 from 4pm to 6pm…

The City will hold a public meeting to discuss commuting to and traveling within Downtown Rochester and take input on the Center City Circulator Study. NOW is your chance to contribute and help with the effort to reconnect Rochester. We won’t get a second chance to show up.


Rochester Public Library
Kate Gleason Auditorium
115 South Avenue
(Map it external link)
Park in the Court Street Garage and enter the library on the ground floor. The garage is attached to the library.

Learn more about the Center City Circulator Study external link

Representatives from the City, Monroe County DOT external link, RGRTA external link, GTC external link, and RDDC external link will be on hand to take questions and input.


  1. I really wish I had known about this… How did you get the word out? I’m betting there were many people who live in the city who would be interested in this issue…

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