The City of Rochester Public Market: An Important Example and Experiment in Our Community

Guest essay submitted by: Evan Lowenstein, Reconnect Rochester Member and Assistant Market Supervisor for Communications and Special Events/Projects, City of Rochester Public Market… 

Rochester Public MarketThe City of Rochester Public Market is an endearing, fascinating example of the many things planners value and work for:  successful public places and spaces; sense of place; mixed use; real and working diversity; pedestrian-focused; linkage of city, suburbs, and rural areas; supportive of the local economy.  

While the Market has made strides in multi-modal transportation access by creating a pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-friendly Market, there is a lot of work to do. The Market can and should be a true leader in moving the community forward in its transportation mindsets and methods.

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ROC Transit Day

ROC Transit Day

ROC Transit Day is typically the 3rd Thursday in June. We have no festivities planned for this year, but you can still participate in spirit. Just leave your car at home that day – and wish your friends a “Happy ROC Transit Day!”

For inspiration, check out photos from ROC Transit Days past… 2015, 2014 and 2013.


Rochester Bike Share

Rochester Bike Share Fundraiser

Help keep our bike share
station on Hudson Avenue.

Donate $20 or more and you’ll receive
ride credits for you and a friend.

Pace bikes have settled into our local culture as an easy, convenient way to get around. Ridership continues to rise, and the 2018 bike share season was a great success. Rochesterians rode an average of 300 rides per day and accumulated a season total of more than 20,000 hours! Amazing.

As we head into the 2019 season, we want to make sure that Rochester’s bike share system remains both successful and accessible to all.  

Each bike share station requires a $9,000 annual sponsorship. In 2017 and 2018, Reconnect Rochester pooled the resources of everyday citizens like you to support a station on Hudson Avenue in Upper Falls, a city neighborhood where large corporate sponsors might not be so easily found.

Will you help us continue our collective sponsorship of the Hudson Avenue station? Donate now on Crowdrise.

In doing so, you’ll be helping to make sure people in ALL areas of our community are able to experience the benefits of having easy and affordable access to bike transportation.

And there’s something in it for you (besides that warm fuzzy feeling). When you make a donation, you get your money back dollar for dollar (and sometimes more!) in bike share RIDE CREDIT for you and a friend to use this season!

We are offering the following PERKS…

ALL DONORS will receive a Bike Rochester N.Y. sticker. You’ll also be listed on Reconnect Rochester’s website as a thank you.

Ride credit for you and a friend are offered at the following levels…

  1. Donate $20+ and receive a $10 bike share promo code for you AND $10 for a friend.
  2. Donate $40+ and receive a $25 bike share promo code for you AND $25 for a friend.
  3. Donate $75+ and receive a $50 bike share promo code for you AND $50 for a friend.
  4. Donate $200+ and receive a $100 bike share promo code for you AND $100 for a friend.

We’d like to thank the following groups and individuals for contributing to the bike share campaign in 2018…

Adam & Renee S.
Adam + Meredith
Alana Biltucci
Alex Wirth
Alexander Weiser
Anna Anderson
Anna Liisa Keller
Arian “Rochester Guy” Horbovetz
Ben Hmiel
Bennie Johnston
Bill & Kathy Cochrane
Bill Carpenter
Bill D’Anza
Bill Mcdonald
Blake Quinn
Bob Cookingham
Brenda Massie
Brendan Ryan
Brent Williams
Brooke Fossey
C.J. Mayer
Caitlin Meives
Canning Family
Carolyn Levine
Carolyn Stiles
Charlie Lawlor
Cheryl Frank
Chris Olin
Chrissie Irish
Christine M Ehmann
Chuck Fujita
Cynthia Childs
Dan, Jessie, Maggie & Lila Keating
Dana Davis

Daniel Cordova
Daniel Speciale
Daryl Odhner
Dave & Jean States
Dave & Terry Weagley
Dave Cieslinski
Dave Tyler
David Larson
David Schwartz
DeWain Feller
Drew Washburn
Edward Cramp
Elaine and John Meadows
Ellen & Dan Lill
Emma Daitz/Peter Fitts
Emma Madden
Erik Frisch
Ethan Lustig
Eugene McCabe
Evan Lowenstein
Evan Williamson
Ferris Todd
Fred Sauter
Governale Family
Greg “BullDog” Irwin
Hank Theuer
Heidi Riegel
Henry R Fitts
Amy & Howard Decker
James Burdick & Naomi Pless
Janet Clarke-Hazlett
Jason Partyka
Jeannette Van Loenen
Jeff Dormitzer
Jeff Dougherty
Jessica “Hurls” Hurley
Jim Santelli
JoAnn Beck

John and Anne Vogtle
John and Dora
John Stewart
Jonah Chiarenza
Josh Kramer
Justin Murphy
Karen S. Lankeshofer
Karen Speciale
Kate & Rick Massie
Katie Eggers Comeau
Kevin Farrell
Kremens Family
Laura Beth & Matthew Denker
Leonard Linde
Liz Compitello
Liz Laneri
Liz Rizzo
Marianne Stott
Mary and Tom Myers
Mary Lupien
Mary Pollock
Mary Staropoli
Matt Vanderbrook
Meghan & Paulo Cabral
Michael Philipson
Molly Gaudioso
Nancy O’Donnell
Nicholas Grunert
Nicholas Russo
Pam Webb
Peers family
Pete and Lindsay Nabozny
Peter & Melissa Franz
Philip Huffsmith
R-Community Bikes
Rachel & Brian Larson
Rachel Barnhart
Rebecca & Marc Lavender

Reconnect Rochester
Richard DeSarra
Richard Wheaton
Rob & Marjorie
Roc City Coalition
Rochelle Bell
Rochester Brainery
Rochester Cycling Alliance
Rochester People’s Climate Coalition
Rohan Parikh
Ryan Peck
Sara Gaudioso
Sarah Fitts-Romig
Sarah Hannon
Scott Cranfill
Scott Wagner
Stephanie Bancroft and Charlie Lawlor
Stephanie Townsend & Barney Ricca
Stewart-Frutiger Family
Sue Hughes-Smith
Suzanne Piotrowski
Teresa Bales
The Rochesteriat
Thomas Lawlor
Tom Kicior & Monica McCullough
Tom Perry
Walter Colley & Kim Salley
Wilson Patton
Yellow Haus Bicycles
Zack DeClerck